Exciting things are happening at the Subsurface Detective Agency (SDA) Research Lab!

  • October 2019:
    • Ack!  We’ve submitted nine abstracts for AAPG 2020, and three manuscripts!!!  The SDA is rockin’!!!
    • We’ve also stared collaborating more with AASPI, the Sam Noble Museum, and researchers at OSU.
  • September 2019:

    The new SDA logo!

    • Dr Bedle presented at OU’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Symposium.
    • Dr Bedle gave an invited talk  and panel discussion at the 2019 SEG Post-Convention Workshop: Artificial Intelligence Frontiers in Geosciences
    • Three of Dr Bedle’s students presented their research
      • Roberto Clairmont (poster Wed PM)
      • Clayton Silver (poster Tues PM)
      • Karelia La Marca (poster Wed PM)
    • The OU Evolve Team mentored by Dr. Bedle presented their work from earlier this year at SEG

      OU’s 2019 SEG Evolve Team

    • OU’s Challenge Bowl Team competed at the International Competition. Julian Chenin and Karelia La Marca  came  in  5th  place!  Great job!

      OU’s SEG Challenge Bowl Team: Karelia La Marca and Julian Chenin

    • Robert Clairmont presented his work at the annual NABG conference

      Roberto Clairmont (MS) presenting at NABG


  • August 2019:
  • June 2019:
    • Dr. Bedle presented at Pioneer Natural Resources in Dallas, TX.  She talked to their intern and geophysics employees about gas hydrates and her research into the applications of multi-attribute machine learning methods
    • Dr. Bedle won an OU Creatie for her best new faculty website (yes! this website!)
  • May 2019:
    • The OU SEG Challenge Bowl Team mentored by Dr. Bedle placed 2nd at the Gulf Coast Regional, only missing 1st place by 3 little points!  Nice job Karelia La Marca and Julian Chenin!
    • Congrats to Roberto Clairmont and Clayton Silver for receiving their Bachelor’s of Science degrees – in a few months they will join the SDA as MS students!
  • April 2019: