Professor Bedle teaches several seismic interpretation courses along with classes in applied petroleum geophysics.

University of Oklahoma:

  • GPHY 3423: Petroleum Geology and Geophysics for Engineers
    • Fundamentals of the utilization of geological and geophysical data in the exploration for and development of petroleum reserves.
  • GPHY 4874: Seismic Exploration
    • Upper-level undergrad and beginning graduate student course.  Introduction to seismic exploration methods and theory.  This is the course to take to learn the basics of seismic exploration and seismic interpretation  with seismic reflection data.

      Seismic Exploration practicing cloud-based seismic interpretation

  • GPHY 5513: 3D Seismic Interpretation
    • Advanced seismic interpretation methods. Focuses on employing seismic attributes, AVO, a little rock physics, and inversion methods.
  • GPHY 6970: Methods of Multidisciplinary Exploration
    • Class will receive an exploration dataset (minimal seismic and well logs) and will spend the term analyzing then proposing an exploration prospect in a team environment.  Supplementary readings and lectures employed to guide analysis. Prospect presentation will be made to industry mentors.
  • GPHY 6970: Advanced Workflows in 3D Seismic
    • Super advanced seismic interpretation.  Project based learning focused on the latest methods.  Take at your own risk!

University of Houston (2016-2018):

  • GEOL 4397: Geophysical Interpretation
    • The fundamentals of 2D and 3D seismic data interpretation. Basic rock physics and seismic principles and their role in identifying subsurface structural and stratigraphic features, as well as seismic interpretation workflows including seismic attributes.
  • GEOL 6390: Seismic Exploration
    • Graduate level  introduction to seismic interpretation exploration methods and theory.  Applied skills are taught.
  • GEOL 6397: Subsurface Mapping and Development Geology
    • Applied methods of subsurface mapping within a development petroleum geology framework.  Students will interpret and correlate well logs, as well as learn hand mapping methods for structure, isochore, and volumetric calculations.
  • GEOL 6397: Advanced Workflows in 3D Seismic Interpretation
    • Advanced Seismic Interpretation methods will be taught and applied in lab. These include seismic attributes, inversion, AVO analysis, and seismic geomorphology.
  • GEOL 6397: Reservoir Properties from Seismic Attributes
    • Fundamentals of Reservoir Characterization using seismic attributes and well log data. The use of seismic attributes in identifying hydrocarbon accumulations and reservoir evaluation.  Workflows will be applied in computer labs.