Student Research is an important part of the undergraduate and graduate experience.  Dr. Bedle advises several student research projects at both levels, tailoring projects to take advantage of the student’s talents and interests.  These projects range from machine learning to seismic attribute analysis, and include seismic interpretation and petrophysical aspects.

For Fall 2020 admission, Dr. Bedle no longer has funding available for additional graduate students, new 2020 students have already been selected.

Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

  • Pete Reilly (graduates Spring 2020)
    • Multi-attribute attribute machine learning methods for imaging internal clinoform structures and lithology (2019-2020)
    • Statistical Characterization of Shallow Subsurface Structure in Oklahoma using well-log data (2018-2019)
  • Chloe Codner (graduates Spring 2021)
    • Correlation of shallow subsurface structure using well-log data in the U.S.
  • Christ Ramos Sanchez (graduates Spring 2021)
    • Deepwater channel morphology in the carbonate-rich Carnavron Basin off Northwestern Australia
  • Laura Lucia Ortiz Sanguino (exchange student summer 2019)
    • Stratigraphic analysis of Cenozoic carbonate deposition in the Carnavron Basin, Northwestern Australia

Student Projects at the University of Houston

  • Yang Mu (current PhD with Dr. John Castagna)
    • Methods to improve time-lapse seismic analysis through inversion
  • William Vinson (MS graduated Spring 2018)
    • Capstone Project: Frequency analysis of gas hydrate zones