Clayton is working on several projects.  As part of his undergraduate research with the SDA, he joined together two 3D seismic surveys, along with 2D seismic and well log data to analyze a deepwater channel system in the Taranaki Basin.  He recently submitted a manuscript for review regarding this aspect of his research, and just presented his results at SEG 2019.

For his Master’s degree, Clayton has recently begun working on a reservoir model of a Nigerian Reef in the Michigan Basin.  He will be incorporating recently acquired seismic data with well log and core data.  Initially, he will create a reservoir model of the Ira Reef, which has not been previously modeled.  Then he will create a reservoir model of the Ray Reef, which was modeled several years ago, but Clayton’s model will include the use of seismic data.  We hope that the comparison of independent models with and without seismic data will help us to understand how improvements can be made in reservoir models in regions where seismic is not available.

For the 2019-2020 academic year, Clayton is serving as the social events coordinator of OU’s SEG Student Chapter. In 2020-2021, Clayton will serve as the president of our SEG student chapter!

LinkedIn: Clayton Silver