Jose joined the SDA Research Lab in Fall 2019 as a MS student.  Jose will be working on several geophysical projects that take advantage of new virtual reality technologies.  Jose will be working on educational outreach VR projects, that allow for curious minds to look at geologic information in a new way.  In addition, Jose will be working on Master’s project to see how virtual reality can allow us to see and detect geophysical details that weren’t easily recognized before.  Jose will be utilizing outcrop images, seismic data, LiDAR, petrophyiscal well logs, and pretty much any type of data we can get our hands on!

Jose will be combining forces with the brilliant folks on OU’s Emerging Technologies Team at Bizzell Library.

In addition, Jose has begun his MS thesis work in collaboration with AASPI looking into designing improved algorithms for fault extraction

LinkedIn: Jose Pedro Mora Ortiz